Walmart $PLUG Equity Deal

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Walmart NEW REFI with $PLUG

Get ready to RUMBLE as rumors of a NEW EQUITY INFUSION deal to protect Walmart fro Amazon and $PLUG!!! This baby gonna get involved in an EQUITY BUYOUT down the road—– almost like seven card stud and two aces in hole!!!

Walmart 34 Hydrogen completed sites and Amazon proposed 60 sites in next three years brings HYDROGEN RESIDUAL to the forefront!!!! This new equity deal will have about same deal or less equity, Amazon would HAVE to go through Walmart to aquire ALL of PLUG!!!!

And IF you haven’t figured out WHY Andy intentionally keeping price of equity LOW, it’s to HELP Walmart acquire more at lower price!!!! sero PRESS RELEASE in 3.4 months????? hello cheap Walmart Equity!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!

Amazon playing the Stock Market with $PLUG

Pundits will scream more dilution and blah blah blah……I will tell you it’s GUARANTEED CASH FLOW!!! And PLUG will only do the new deal IF they get cash up front!!!

current map of Walmart overplayed on NIKOLA Hydrogen trucking map

My plan just took on another BIDDING WAR Partner!! Adding another 70 Walmarts in next four years!!!!

My PLAN always included the BUYOUT coming as those with the MOST SEATS control the music played!!!

The PYRAMID just added another LEBRON JAMES!!!

When one is RUNNING a LEGAL HYDROGEN PYRAMID, you want to add AMAZON and China

You can ADD all you want BEFORE Walmart Equity Deal announced!!! Even the 34 completed Walmarts, maybe 500 peeps follow the story…..unless PLUG figures out HOW to RELEASE a PRESS REPORT (NOTHING SERO in 3.4 months!!!!), this share price ain’t moving!!!

But, 60 Amazons and 70 more Walmarts and 20 Carrefour in next three years says WE at 500 million revenue run rate 2021!!!!

At 35% gross margins and POSITIVE HYDROGEN margins with cheap #Door5, and POSITIVE SERVICE MARGINS, my 2021 party will be just like TESLA,!!!