$PLUG #Hydrogen Pricing

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Massive Hydrogen Tank #Door5

I can SHARE what I know about Hydrogen……it won’t matter to the share price but you can ELIMINATE any of the on site Electrolyzer or acquisitions …..that’s NOT gonna happen (due to costs)!!

The Honda Stupidity in London today……just simply stupid!!!! $12.91 kG???? Sorry, that will NEVER EVER ramp or scale!!! Honda must be plain crazy….or stupid!!! Almost like Nikola and their bravado talking solar Electrolysis doing 12500 kG a day Plants —–that’s NEVER gonna happen!!!

Hydrogen LIQUID is very cheap…..VERY CHEAP!!! The reason $PLUG uses liquid hydrogen is simple—- ITS CHEAP!!

So, given Andy has always said “”Its always about the HYDROGEN and where you get it—–and the cost!!””

Long story short, #Door5 will CRUSH all forms of #Hydrogen in year 2020 for LARGE SCALE (Amazon size Distribution Centers) and you can forget the large scale Electrolysis—- maybe smaller sites (less than 30 units )—–maybe!!!

Hydrogen Large Purchase Volume Discounts WILL KICK IN shortly ……and Hydrogen Margins WILL TURN POSITIVE……

Repeat after me, HYDROGEN POSITIVE MARGINS with VOLUME DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!! Might take til Q3 or Q4 but you will SEE massive MARGIN IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!!

And WITH POSITIVE Margins comes rising share price……

15 mpg Heavy Trucking Hydrogen Nikola