Forget Electrolysis

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Massive Hydrogen Tank #Door5

Forget Solar Electrolysis…..the price will never be competitive!!! All the SOLAR solutions talking smack (Nikola Motors) are howling to the moon!!!

Liquid Hydrogen is gonna be the solution and #Door5 will change everything in the future!! (here today)!!

#Door5 is NOT Plug Power IP Patents nor technology…..PLUG will just benefit from the END LIQUID PRODUCT—- cheap green Hydrogen!!! first to market, partnered with right players ((can you SCREAM #AMAZON ????))

My cryptic comments on #Door5 will be explained in detail but look for #HydrogenMargins to DROP SIGNIFIGANTLY in 2018 and beyond!!! As SCALE is achieved, and as MORE #Door5 plants built and deployed, costs come down even further!!!!

Nikola Motors can talk 12500 kG a day Hydrogen Solar plants all they like……won’t ever happen!!! just like Nikola was gonna use NAT gas turbines for power, and SWITCHED to HYDROGEN, Nikola will ditch their Solar Electrolysis plans, and move to Door5 Hydrogen plants……YOU HEARD it here first!!!

Massive Hydrogen Tank #Door5