34 Walmarts Completed

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Walmart #WAVE

I’m in #TotalShock !!!! Teal actually DID SOMETHING!!!! Moses parted the RED SEA!!!!!! BUT, this is MUCH BIGGER!!!!!!

After ONE YEAR, the PLUG POWER website was UPDATED from 19 to 31 COMPLETED Walmarts !!!! And 3. Canada Walmarts…..that’s 34 COMPLETED WALMARTS……. #WAR #WalmartAmazonResidual

Walmart Converting 100% to Hydrogen

34 completed Walmarts……ALL RESIDUAL…..and all REOCCURING!!!!!!

Walmart 40 by end of 2017 already 6000 forklifts—12more sites 2017
Frozen Distribution Centers 10,000 USA
34 Walmarts completed

Will Walmart Trucking begin shortly???? Walmart has REACH and 34 REFUELING stations completed!!LL!

Yard Dawg Dragger

I’m thinking Amazon better hurry to catch up!!!!!

Add CHINA, Amazon, and USPS to core customers and MORE Walmarts UP to 110 sites

I’m wondering “”””””IF”””””” this website UPDATE is a SIGNAL??????? “””we Ready to SING?????????????

another 80 new Walmarts

Let’s Announce that NEW WALMART REFI tomorrow !!!!!!!